Welcome Myspace CommentsThis blog is intended for all my inspirations & everything. First & foremost I love God more than anything else. Secondly, I love my hubby, my family and my pets. Last but not the least, I love my friends in real, I also love my net chums. I love to associate the tribal and indigenous people because they need love and inspirations too. All of us made uniquely and wonderfully by God whether they live in the mountains neither in the city still we are equal.

Welcome Everyone! Be blessed to be a blessing!
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Have a great weekend

Relax and enjoy the weekend. God bless everyone!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I miss my Nanay

I miss my beloved nanay Neza. You are such a wonderful and awesome nanay in the world. Thank God for giving me a nanay like you. You give me strength and happiness. I cannot wait to seeing you again by God's grace.

Nanay Erma and me

I miss you nanay Erma! You are a wonderful mama. Thank you so much for the food you prepared for us. It was so good especially the kinilaw and camote. I cannot wait seeing you again. I miss your tight hugs. I am so thankful having you as my second mama and it is really real. Sheila and I, is like a sister. So, you are one of my ever dear mama too.

My Nanay & Julie's family

I miss you all. It was very good seeing my Nanay & Julie's mama & family. I am contented of my vacation though it was so quick. Thank you so much mama for being so good, giving me young coconut & tight hugs. I cannot wait seeing you all once again for my next vacation probably next year by God's grace.